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Scott Bros Invest £4,000 On Public Access Defibrillators

11 May 2022

Scott Bros has invested generously in London Hearts defibrillators through fundraising with Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPAD) and other activities. Scott Bros has been a Teeside based expert in recycling and haulage since 1971. 

They worked alongside CAPD and London Hearts to raise funds for defibrillator costs. At London Hearts, we are a defibrillator charity aiming to support communities and reduce the impact of cardiac arrest. 

If you’re starting a community project and want to raise your defibrillator costs, keep reading on to learn how Scott Bros did it, or you can read our other articles for more inspiration on the different projects you can get involved in to raise funding.

How Scott Bros offered funding for a defibrillator

Recycling specialist Scott Bros has invested £4,000 in three public access defibrillators, donating one to the CPAD Ingleby Barwick group.

The family-run firm has installed one at its depot on Haverton Hill Road, Billingham, and the second at Thornaby Sports and Leisure Club, which is run by director Peter Scott. By working directly with CPAD, they have ensured more people have access to their nearest defibrillator. 

Who are Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPAD)?

Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPAD) Ingleby Barwick is a community defibrillator charity in the UK that has already installed the donated life-saving equipment outside of IB Leisure.

CAPD has already provided five public access defibrillators on the estate, home to 22,500 people, with a further two to be fitted in the coming weeks. The aim of the group, launched in January this year, is to install a total of 14 across Ingleby Barwick so no resident is more than 500 metres away from their nearest defibrillator.

How CAPD has raised defibrillator funding

To raise direct funds for a defibrillator, CAPD held the Ingleby Hearts Community Fete outside IB Leisure as a thank you to the community for its support. The event included live music from Tom Powell and Rebecca York, craft and food stalls, activities, competitions and free CPR and defibrillator training.

As part of its fundraising activities, the group approached Scott Bros who recognised the importance of defibrillators and agreed to lend its support.

Deborah Gale, Chair of the CPAD Ingleby Barwick Fund and a former Emergency Care Assistant, said: “We are hugely grateful to the generosity of Scott Bros and would appeal to other businesses to get involved. Of the 46 cardiac arrests that took place in Ingleby Barwick between 2018 and July last year, sadly only one survived and they were the only people to be treated with a defibrillator. We hope they never have to be used, but it certainly provides peace of mind knowing this life saving equipment is there.”

Peter Scott said: “We are proud to contribute to the tremendous work that CPAD Ingleby Barwick is doing. The chance of surviving a cardiac arrest rises from 6% to 74% if a defibrillator is used within three minutes, so it’s important further defibrillators are available throughout the area.”

Why fundraising for a defibrillator is important

Choosing to start a community project to raise money for a defibrillator is one of the best ways you can contribute to saving lives, as it gives more people access to life saving defibrillators. At London Hearts, we want to help you when it comes to starting your project and beginning your fundraising efforts. 

Positively, Scott Bros business premises and their location were added to the national defibrillator network too, which, as well as being shared with emergency services, made people aware of where the nearest defibrillator could be found.

Apply for defibrillator funding today!

Work with London Hearts for your community fundraising project

We are always delighted to work alongside the CPAD Ingleby Barwick Fund to maximise coverage of defibrillators in the UK! Their project helps save lives, and if you are an organisation looking to raise costs for defibrillators, London Hearts can help.

At London Hearts, we welcome applications from any organisation or charity around the UK looking to raise funds for defibrillators! Learn how you can get involved and apply for a defib today. 

If you already have a project in mind and want to get started, contact us for more information. You can also give us a call on 02070432493 or drop us an email at

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