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Sutherland Gym Install Life-saving London Hearts Defibrillator!

10 May 2022

A village gym in north-west Sutherland has secured life-saving CPR machines for its local community, installing multiple London Hearts defibrillators to be used in case of an emergency.

Thanks to their fundraising efforts, Kinlochbervie High School Community Gym has installed a pair of automated external defibrillator (AED) units at two different locations in the village. The CPR machines can prove life-saving in the event of a cardiac arrest and being the nearest defibrillator for many of the locals are an asset to the community.

The first London Hearts defibrillator was installed at the gym itself, and the other at an out-of-village location. A third AED is already in situ at Kinlochbervie village hall.

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The response to the defibrillator installations

Paula Macleod, admin team leader for North West Sutherland schools said: “We want our pupils, staff, gym users and visitors to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that even though we are a remote and rural school if the worst should happen we are equipped and ready to help.

“As there is an outside defib just along from the high school at the village hall, we thought it would be good to place the other one further down towards Oldshoremore and Blairmore where there is a lot of summer footfall.”

The second defib found a home at Oldshoremore Retreats in Rhiconich. It has been installed in a temperature-controlled cabinet and is available for public use if needed.

Angela Whitlock-Johnson, proprietor of Oldshoremore Retreats said: “We’ve been working closely with the community providing EMDR therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and Yoga Therapy for the past few months, often working with people with anxiety. We also have many visitors on-site or passing by so felt it was essential to have a defibrillator.

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