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New public-access defibrillator installed in Broxburn

19 Aug 2022

Access to CPR machines, such as defibrillators, can greatly improve the chances of survival from any out of hospital cardiac arrest.

The number of people surviving cardiac arrests outside of a hospital is the highest it’s ever been at 10.8%, which is twice the rate it was a decade ago. A charity like London Hearts can help increase these statistics even further, with the installation of more life-saving defibrillators across the UK.

London Hearts can provide Charity Grant Funding towards the cost of a defibrillator and storage, as well as a free online training video.


How Broxburn received funding for a London Hearts defibrillator

At Wee Gems Armadale, a parent attended a first aid talk at a local baby group and learned the importance of a defibrillator when someone is unresponsive and CPR is required. 

Arnold Clark and Asda in Armadale are where the nearest defibrillators to Broxburn can be found, and these are only available during office hours. With ambulance response times increasing, parents reached out to Wee Gems and expressed the importance of having a public access CPR machine closer than they had at the time. This is a vital resource for the local community and something that would greatly benefit the Broxburn area.

Wee Gems Armadale were more than happy to host the device and supported the parent as she fundraised for this!

With the help and support of all Wee Gems families and other companies, they were able to raise the £1500 target and more, which went towards fitting, testing and maintenance of the device in Broxburn.

Thank you to those parents for leading the way and to everyone who helped make it happen. If you want to support your community with the installation of a London Hearts defibrillator, start your project today.

Save a life with a London Hearts defibrillator

We welcome applications from any individual, organisation or charity around the UK! Make sure to apply for a defibrillator today. Also, check out our articles for all the latest on London Hearts and how we have helped communities get funding for a defibrillator.

Get in touch with us today by raising an enquiry via our contact form.

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