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We Helped Supply Pevensey Charity With 2 Defibrillators!

10 May 2022

In this article, we explore how  London Hearts helped supply Pevensey with two defibrillators through a collaboration with the Rainbow Wishes charity. 

At London Hearts, we are dedicated when it comes to ensuring more people have access to their nearest defibrillator in the event of cardiac arrest. To learn how we ensured this, keep reading on and make sure to check out our range of other articles for more information.

Raising defibrillator costs with Rainbow Wishes 

Rainbow Wishes, a charity based in Pevensey have been working to raise funding for a defibrillator and provide support for those in need. Rainbow Wishes helped with defibrillator costs by loading up a lorry full of supplies, including medical equipment for Ukraine at St Luke’s Church in Stone Cross on March 17.

A spokesperson for Rainbow Wishes said, “The response from the local community has been incredible and I’d like to thank every single person that made a donation, the local businesses that provided support, and not to mention our amazing volunteers who helped sort and pack the items and the driving team that got everything safely to those that needed it!

St. Luke’s Church also allowed us to use their centre which made an enormous difference and allowed us to expand our collections, beyond what we could have imagined. To see the smile on the faces of women and children who saw tonnes of supplies and toys coming off the lorry, all for them, is incredibly humbling. They left their homes and fled with no more than a small rucksack.”

Medical supplies donations for two hospitals also flew in and with the additional money raised, through our Just Giving Page, we could purchase two London Hearts defibrillators as well. Thanks to London Hearts for offering us an amazing discount for those. We’ve been really struck by the respect shown by the local communities in Poland who don’t see these people as refugees, they are their Ukrainian local residents, and more than that, they are their friends. We are so excited to be able to carry on helping them in any way we can.”

Why defibrillator fundraising is important 

There are more than 3,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests per year, so funding for defibrillators is important as having more defibrillators available in public places will save more lives.

They will have a better chance of survival, which is why fundraising projects like Rainbow Wishes are so important. Anyone can get involved with fundraising by checking out our fundraising page and you can also learn how to apply for a defib.

Get in touch with London Hearts to apply for a defibrillator 

London Hearts was honoured to have helped you raise funds for two Mindray defibrillators and provide support for those in need in Ukraine.

If you want to get a defibrillator set up, we welcome applications from any organisation or charity around the UK! If you have a project in mind you can contact us here or call us on 02070432493.

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