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Accord Marketing’s Lifesaving Mission in Memory of Colleague

29 Dec 2022

Many organisations work with London Hearts to raise funds for the installation of defibrillators, so that fewer people are affected by fatal cardiac arrest. In this wholesome story, we explore how Accord Marketing raised funding for defibrillators and what inspired them to do so.

Read more about their wonderful efforts in memory of their colleague. If you’re looking to get started with a project of your own, head to our fundraising page to learn more.

How Accord Marketing raised funds for the cost of defibrillators

In memory of a much-loved colleague, Mark John, who passed away, Accord Marketing undertook several challenges to raise funding for a defibrillator. The challenges included Tough Mudder, a football tournament, the Three Peaks Challenge, a South West coastal path walk and a quiz night to reach their lifesaving target of 10 London Hearts defibrillators.

As well as this, in October, Becky Shields completed her first marathon in aid of London Hearts. Read on to learn more about Mark’s story.

Mark John’s Story

Mark John passed away on 31 October 2021, aged 47, following a cardiac arrest. He had been an integral part of the Accord family for almost 30 years. At the time of his death, he was Chief Creative Officer of Accord Marketing. He was also married to Sharon and father to Emily and Katie.

There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests across the UK every year, but fewer than 1 in 10 people survive. London Hearts is the leading defibrillator charity in the UK, placing defibrillators in communities and delivering CPR and defibrillator training. This means more people have access to their nearest defibrillators.

A huge shout-out to Accord’s south west office, who have secured a £750 donation from the team at the Barnstaple and District Round Table, as well as other generous donations from other local businesses, in order to install a defibrillator.

Why London Hearts defibrillators are important

A defibrillator is the only device that can help someone when they are in cardiac arrest, and London Hearts set out to get more in the community to ensure no one is ever more than 100 metres away from their nearest defibrillator.

The more defibrillators that are accessible and the more people trained in how to use them, the better the chance of survival for someone who suddenly collapses. Learn how you can get involved in a fundraising project to raise defibrillator costs below.

Get involved in the fundraising process for Accord Marketing

All donations, however small, will take them one step closer to achieving their mission to raise £10,000 to purchase defibrillators and place them within local communities. If you would like to support their efforts, please head to their GoFundMe page here.

If you belong to, or know of, a sports club that desperately needs a defibrillator, or perhaps a theatre or youth club, then please contact so that they can be considered.

You can also get involved in an array of other activities, such as setting up a corporate partnership or getting started with your own project.

How to raise funding for a defibrillator

London Hearts wants to ensure that nobody is further than 100M from a fully working and publicly accessible defibrillator across the whole of the UK. Together, we can save lives and beat heartbreak. If you want to get started with a fundraising project, read some more of our articles for inspiration. 

We welcome applications from any organisation or charity around the UK! Apply online for a defibrillator here to get started. If you save a life using a Mindray Beneheart Defibrillator obtained through the London Hearts charity, we will send you free defibrillator pads.

If you have a project in mind, you can also contact us or give us a call on 02070432493.

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