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When you’re ready to get a defibrillator, you’ll need to choose which one to get.  Each type offers unique benefits and considerations that can impact their effectiveness in saving lives during a cardiac emergency. 

The type of defibrillator you choose will depend on:


Automatic vs Semi-automatic defibrillators

Defibrillators are either semi-automatic or fully automatic.  The difference is how much action is needed from the person using it.


Benefits of Semi-automatic v Automatic defibrillators

Semi-automatic defibrillators: 


Fully automatic Defibrillators  


Common Features of Both Types: 


Will it work for children?

For children under 8, the shock from a defibrillator needs to be weaker than it is for adults.  Some defibrillators let you switch easily from adult to child mode.  Others need different electrode pads that are suitable for use on children or a special ‘child key’ to switch mode.

We always recommend a defibrillator with a built-in-switch as this can save vital time during an emergency.

If you’re not sure whether to get a semi-automatic or fully automatic defibrillator, we can talk through your needs.

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