London Hearts works with Mum on a mission!

London Hearts works with Mum on a mission!

Naomi, the inspiring lady behind OurJay Foundation is requesting that 20 defibrillators be installed in her Warwickshire hometown, after her teenager son went into cardiac arrest and sadly passed away. We reached out to Naomi earlier on in the year to offer our support with the provision of heart defibrillators and to offer free online CPR and defibrillator training. 

18-year-old Jamie Rees, collapsed in the early hours of New Year's Day last year - and the nearest defibrillator was unfortauntley locked away.

Defibrillators (also known as AEDs - Automatic External Defibrillators) are medical devices that help and support a patient in cardiac arrest. In fact, they are the ONLY devices that can help when someone has a cardiac arrest. 

He was at a friend's house when he suffered an unexplained cardiac arrest and sadly died at University Hospital Coventry five days later. The nearest available ambulance crew was stationed miles away and didn't reach Jamie for more than 17 minutes.

His friends were forced to perform CPR in a desperate attempt to save him, as the nearest available defibrillator was locked away in Jamie's old school, which could not be accessed in the middle of the night or the holidays. By the time paramedics were at Jamie's side, his brain had been starved of oxygen and he had virtually no chance of survival.