London Hearts/England Boxing Defib Saves A Life!

London Hearts/England Boxing Defib Saves A Life!

London Hearts has been working in partnership with England Boxing to ensure that all boxing clubs in England have a lifesaving defibrillator onsite. Recently, the life of one boxing club member was saved thanks to the quick-thinking of Head Coach Dave Rimmer and Cassie Barber, who were able to spring into action and give Zoe Cluett CPR and defibrillation, with the device obtained through the charity.  


Zoe, a 36-year-old mum of three, was attending her usual Box Fit class at Western Counties club Wimborne last month when she suffered a cardiac arrest out of the blue.




Fortunately, the boxing club had a defibrillator on site that they had received from London Hearts in February 2021. Dave and Cassie performed CPR on Zoe until an ambulance arrived, and applied the defibrillator, which was used when the emergency services got to the scene. 


Thankfully, Zoe is now recovering well, and is sharing her story to highlight why it is essential for boxing clubs to install defibrillators onsite – or to have access to them within five minutes’ walk each way – as will be mandatory for affiliated England Boxing clubs from June 2022.


“It is great that defibs will be accessible to all clubs in the near future because, for me, it was the difference between me being here or not,” she said.


“You cannot know when someone is going to need access to one, so it’s great they will be readily available at clubs in the near future, which could save more lives.


“I was regularly going to classes at the gym four times a week and it happened right out of the blue – I don’t remember too much about it. I was just doing a burpee and all I remember was feeling light-headed and that was it. Because I have epilepsy, the people around me, I’m told, thought that I was having a fit, but they quickly realised that I wasn’t breathing and they couldn’t find a pulse. Both Dave and Cassie started CPR straight away and prepared the defib ready to use, and once the ambulance arrived, they were able to use it straight away and get a pulse after a second shock.


“I can’t thank Dave, Cassie and everyone else enough for what they did, it was amazing, and I will be eternally grateful to them, as will my family. They will always be heroes to me.”


Zoe has since learned that she has a genetic heart defect that which caused her cardiac arrest. Fortunately, she is now well on the road to recovery and has had an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) fitted, which helps to control and regulate her heartbeat. Zoe hopes to undergo a physical assessment and is eager to get back to the gym and enjoy her Box Fit classes as soon as she’s fighting fit again.


She said: “I am quite a positive person, so I want to get back to it and make the most of what has happened, once I have been through the checks to make sure everyone at the gym can be confident I will be OK. It has not put me off, I will be back.


“Having the equipment there was so vital for me, I can’t stress it enough, because time can be vital in these situations. I think it took 15 minutes to resuscitate me and if the defib had not been there then it might have been a different outcome. Those extra minutes it saved can make all the difference.”


Head Coach Dave is hoping that other boxing gyms will follow suit and get equipped with a defibrillator after this incident, so that every gym is prepared if the worst should happen. 


He said: “I think this shows the importance of both defibs and first aid courses because, without both, Zoe wouldn’t be with us today. As it was happening, I wasn’t really thinking about the seriousness of the situation, or what was at stake, you are just focusing on doing your job as a first aider.

“It only really hit home when I saw her walking up her drive at home with her kids, and it was then that I realised that they might never have seen her again.


“This has really highlighted to me why coaches need to stay on top of their first aid learning – it’s not just a tick box exercise to get your coaching lanyard – and why every club needs a defibrillator. Next time it could be your first aid skills and defibrillator which are needed. There is sometimes a perception that it won’t happen in a boxing gym because a cardiac arrest only happens to people who are in their 50s, 60s or 70s, or are overweight. Well, here it was someone who was in their 30s and very fit. It can happen to anyone. ”


London Hearts and England Boxing is supporting all clubs/gyms in England to obtain this lifesaving equipment. 



The #EveryBeatCounts Defib Campaign page explains what defibs are, some key statistics that underline their importance, how you can find where your nearest defib is located (and therefore if your club needs to buy one or not), the cost of a defib and how you can get grant support through London Hearts, plus ideas on how you can raise extra funding.

Apply for your defibrillator online here.