Adopt a BT Kiosk

You may not be aware that BT has an ongoing scheme that allows communities to ‘adopt’ red K2 phone boxes that are no longer in use as public phones. You can take advantage of this scheme if you are:

  • A recognised local authority, for example a District or Borough Council
  • A Parish/Community/Town Council or equivalent
  • A registered charity
  • A private land owner who has a BT telephone box on their land

You can adopt a phone box from as little as £1 - that’s less than a cup of coffee! You can find out more about the scheme and how to apply to adopt a kiosk at

Due to the huge increase in the use of mobile phones, many communities have converted and repurposed the kiosks rather than letting them become obsolete. Since the scheme was launched back in 2008, more than 6,600 phone boxes have been converted by communities into defibrillator hubs, mini art galleries and book exchanges.

It’s estimated that there are still around 5,000 kiosks left to be adopted and repurposed. You may know of one near you, and since they are often found in rural areas and in the heart of communities, they make the ideal home for a public access defibrillator.


Telephone box kiosks also make the perfect home for your defibrillator since there is already a power source there to connect the defibrillator and cabinet to. Furthermore, the iconic red kiosks stand out to passersby, although we have seen communities choose to repaint them a different colour, and replace the signs to further highlight the fact that what was once a standard phone box is now a defibrillator hub.

London Hearts offers Phone Box Defibrillator packages to suit your needs. Our community packages include everything needed to ensure your device is ready to be used in an emergency to help keep your community heart safe. We are able to provide the DefibSafe 2 cabinet with the necessary telephone box fittings, and a defibrillator that meets your requirements. We can also include replacement signs if you require them in your package.

Use of a defibrillator and effective CPR are the only means of treating a cardiac arrest, and timely intervention is crucial. For every minute that passes by without treatment, the chances of survival decrease by 10%, which is why it’s essential that treatment is given in the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest. Less than one in ten people will survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest, but better accessibility to defibrillators, and the more people willing and able to use them alongside CPR, we can make improvements to this statistic, so that fewer lives are lost. 

This is why it’s so important that there is a functional defibrillator available in every community across the country, so that lifesaving treatment can be given to patients before the ambulance arrives on the scene. This is vital to ensure the best chance of survival for someone who has had a cardiac arrest.


Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you convert a BT telephone box into a community defibrillator hub at or call us on 02070432493