Sadly, cardiac arrest can happen to anyone no matter what your age. Although it is relatively rare, approximately 270 children die of a cardiac arrest in school every year.

London Hearts aims to significantly reduce this number, by helping schools obtain a lifesaving defibrillator and equipping teachers with CPR skills.

We firmly believe that defibrillators can and should be used by anyone in an emergency. We aim to bust the myths around CPR and defibrillation, and with our CPR training sessions*, we want to give everyone the confidence to step in and perform effective CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest.

A sudden cardiac arrest is caused by an electrical fault in the heart, which causes it to beat in an abnormal rhythm. This means that blood isn’t being pumped round the body like it should, depriving the brain and other organs of vital oxygen.

The only thing that can help when someone has a cardiac arrest is CPR and the use of a defibrillator, which can restore the heart to its natural rhythm. But it is essential that early treatment is given - the chances of survival decreases by 10% for every minute that passes by without effective treatment.

With a UK average ambulance response time of 11 minutes, it is vital that schools have defibrillators on site, and that they know what to do if a student or fellow staff member suffers a cardiac arrest. Immediate treatment with CPR and a defibrillator could save a life.

Get in touch with us for more information on our school defibrillator and CPR training packages. No school should be without this lifesaving device.

Apply for a defibrillator.


*Please note that at the moment due to the ongoing global pandemic, our in-person CPR training sessions have been suspended. We have online training session available in the interim, until in person session are able to resume safely.

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